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Property Preservation Data Processing Services

We specialize in Field Service Processing and Data Entry for Property Preservation companies using Field-Comm.net, EZInspections, PPW, MCS Vendor360, SafeGuard VendorWeb, CoreLogic, Altisource, LPS, etc.. We process Photos, Invoices, BIDS, Reports & Quality Control for various Property Preservation companies (Nationals & Regionals) in California, Florida, Texas, New York, Arizona, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Washington, etc.

Our data entry operators are well educated, efficient, trained & have over 6 years of experience. With a total strength of over 200 processors, we process more than 300,000 orders a month – 24hrs a day, 7 days a week.

We provide all the data entry related needs for Field Services, such as REO Grass Cut orders, Janitorial /Winterization Orders, Snow Removals, PPO Orders, Maintenance orders, Preservation Orders (Initial secure, Sales Clean, Rush, Perform per bid, Conveyance conditions, Securing, Deed-In lieu, etc.), Bid processing, Quality Control & Zero Bill work orders.

We offer the following Property Preservation Data Entry Services:

  • 1Downloading the photos from the Website or FTP
  • 2Uploading, rearranging and Labeling the Photos as per the Work Order
  • 3Labeling Before, During and After Grass cut photos, Bid and other photos
  • 4Creating and Adding BIDS as per the Vendor notes and Photos
  • 5Using Cost Estimator / Repair Base to calculate bid amounts
  • 6Invoicing as per the price sheets
  • 7Perform per Bids
  • 8Preservation Orders: Initial Secures, Additional work request, Conveyance conditions, Sales Clean, Securing, Deed-In lieu, etc.
  • 9Creating and Uploading Reports
  • 10Uploading the Property Inspection form if required

Advantages of Offshore Field Service Processing Data Entry:

  • 1Our prices are less than one third as compared to your present cost. We offer all this services at low prices with the same quality and efficiency as somebody processing at your office.
  • 2We have high level of Accuracy (99.8%) and quality control check in place
  • 3We work 24hrs a day, 6 days a week (Mon – Sat).
  • 4On deadlines, we are open 24/7.
  • 5We require minimal training as we are experienced in all the leading processing tools such as Field-comm, VendorWeb, Vendor360, PPW, etc.
  • 6We save on your additional costs incurred like the space, infrastructure, and HR costs since we will be your back office.
  • 7Our processors are experienced and trained for Field Processing work and each professional can process 40 to 100 work orders in a day which includes Photo Uploading, Labeling, BIDS and Invoicing.

Our Expertise:

i-Accurate has an expertise in providing data processing services to organizations performing multifaceted activities in property preservation, inspection & maintenance. We are catering to a sizable number of medium and small companies across US. We are a group of young and skilled professionals, full of energy and enthusiasm that are ready to explore new trends in technology to serve our clients in a smarter, better and efficient way. Our forte is to maintain the quality of the work even in a tight deadline because we always strive for having a Long Term Relationship with the Customer. Our Founder’s has spent many years in the major markets across the world understanding the rules and the regulating framework so that we can understand the client needs and provide a customized solution best suitable for their market.

We understand the urgency and pressure that the mortgage companies put on you to turn around work orders and for the results to be 100% accurate the first time, every time. We maintain very high standards in regards to accuracy and customer satisfaction without comprising quality or efficiency.
  • Field Processing Software: Field-Comm, EZInspections, Property Preservation Wizard, MCS Vendor360, SafeGuard VendorWeb, CoreLogic, Altisource, LPS
  • Bids, Invoicing QC & creating Reports
  • Advanced Features in Microsoft Office Tools like Excel Macros & Word Mail Merge
  • Data Entry (Offline, Online, Image Uploading, Labeling, etc.)
  • Image Editing Tools like Pixresizer,Photoshop, Fireworks & Indesign
  • Microsoft Image Products like Publisher, Silverlight, etc.
  • GoToMeeting, LogMeIn, etc for Remote Training
  • MySQL Database to keep all the log of work orders
  • Macros to develop Excel Modules

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